Fundraiser Order Form

              Fundraiser Order Form
Price is $30 per roast and bottle of BBQ sauce (cooked weight of roast is from 4.5 lb. to 5.5 lb.)
Sponsor Name:  ______________________      Date of Fundraiser:  ____________________ 
Donor Name:      ___________________              Number of Roasts Ordered:  _____________
Preference for Notification (circle one):        EMAIL          PHONE
Donor Phone Number:  ______________________        Pick Up Time:  ______________
Donor Email Address: ____________________________________________________
Would you like to be notified by email about future fundraising events (circle one):      YES        NO
·To allow the Sponsor to cook the exact amount of roasts, payment is due upon order. 
·The information you are providing here will never be shared with any other organization.
 We respect your privacy and will not do anything to violate your trust.
·Roasts are guaranteed for quality and freshness for 7 days. If you are unhappy, we will replace
 the roast or refund your money.

               Fundraiser Order Receipt
Sponsor Name:  __________________________________  Date of Fundraiser:  _________________
Pick Up Time:    _________________________                 Contact Number: ___________________     
Pick Up Location: ___________________________________________________________________
(Download this form in a PDF file by clicking Downloads in the Account Options menu.)